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When it comes to Jesse & Festus, looks may be deceiving; however, WWE Superstars might be wise not to mess with these country boys.

Festus, along with his partner and good buddy Jesse, has finally made his way to SmackDown. In the weeks leading up to their debut, the pair introduced themselves by giving their opinions on a variety of subjects – from fame to fashion to WWE Magazine. Actually, it was Jesse giving their opinions, as Festus stared off in the distance with a blank look.

But don’t let that look fool you, because that…that is the face of a man who looks like a wrecking machine inside the squared circle. Jesse promised our fans that from bell to bell, Festus is all business – and the big man delivers on that promise. When they made their in-ring debut on the Oct. 5 Friday Night SmackDown, Festus literally transformed into a new man the moment the bell rang; once it rang again to signify the end of their debut victory, however, the placid, vacant look returned to his big, burly country mug.

Inside the ring, Festus’ transformation is bad news for his opponents, and one can only wonder what the situation would be like if encountering the country boy in an elevator.

Together, Jesse & Festus would love nothing more than to make a major impact inside a WWE ring. With Jesse’s amateur ability and Festus’ sheer power, there’s no telling what these two country boys can do.
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