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When SmackDown Superstars face Finlay inside the ring, they also now have to watch out when they step outside the squared circle.

Amidst an eerie green glow under the ring resides Hornswoggle, a little man who looks like a mini version of the fighting Irishman. Clad in all green with a shaved head, Hornswoggle does most of his damage once Finlay’s matches are over; the fighting Irishman will lift up the ring apron, and Hornswoggle will scurry out to attack Finlay’s defeated opponent.

Originally believed to be the illegitimate son of Mr. McMahon, Hornswoggle was revealed on Raw to be the son of SmackDown Superstar Finlay. The pint-sized Superstar was attacked during a cage match against Mr. McMahon by JBL, who later told the Chairman that Hornswoggle was not a McMahon.
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