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The bitterness between Mick Foley and Ric Flair goes back to their tenure at WCW in the early 1990’s, where Foley claims that Flair tried to bury his career.

At Vengeance, Foley used his 2 Out of 3 Falls Match with the Flair to embarrass the 16-time World Champion. He pledged to beat the “Nature Boy” using technical skills, but mid-match he abandoned that method and diverted to his hardcore roots. The match ended in a disqualification for Foley — and a bloodbath for Flair.

Since the match at Vengeance, Foley has been elusive and has declined numerous requests from the “Nature Boy” for a rematch. But his attitude changed after Flair cited a passage from Foley’s second book, Foley is Good. In the excerpt, Foley wrote that his favorite match of all-time was between Terry Funk and Ric Flair at Clash of the Champions in 1989…and it wasn’t any ordinary match. It was one of the most brutal matches in sports-entertainment—an “I Quit” Match. Willing to prove to Flair why he’s the Hardcore Legend, Foley said he’d see Flair in the ring at SummerSlam—in an “I Quit” Match.

Finally getting the rematch he’s hungered for, Flair responded:

“May one of use bleed to death in Boston.” On Aug. 20 at SummerSlam, who will scream “I Quit”?

At ECW One Night Stand, Mick Foley & Edge will take on Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer in a battle for the honor of ECW. The challenge was issued by Paul Heyman on the May 22nd RAW, and was accepted by Foley and Edge shortly thereafter.

The unlikely pairing of Foley & Edge came together shortly after WrestleMania 22. On the May 8th episode of RAW, Foley and Edge were supposed to square off in a Hardcore rematch from WrestleMania. Instead, moments before the match, Foley made it a Triple Threat including ECW's Tommy Dreamer. With Dreamer in the ring, it appeared as though Edge was about to be on the receiving end of a brutal 2-on-1 beating. Instead, the unthinkable happened. Foley nailed Dreamer with a barbed wire bat and joined forces with his former opponent.

The following week, Mick promised to explain his actions to Dreamer. However, The Innovator of Violence was still out of action from the beating he took just seven days earlier. In Dreamer's place, Foley called out the hardcore icon Terry Funk. What was supposed to be an explanation turned into another massacre as Foley turned on his former friend, and with help from Edge & Lita, destroyed another ECW legend.

The story of how Mick Foley became involved in sports-entertainment transcends the business. His inspiration came when he hitchhiked to Madison Square Garden and watched as Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka soar off the top of a 15-foot high steel cage onto Don Muraco. At that moment, Foley knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He compiled a video full of vignettes, including one where he flew off the roof of his home, crashing onto a bed of mattresses and cushions, all in the dream of how he would one day become WWE Champion.

After training with former WWE star and Tag Team Champion Dominic DeNucci, Foley began to compete using the name Cactus Jack in various regions of the United States, before making his way to Japan. Returning to the United States, he joined with WCW, and then after a few years, aligned himself with Extreme Championship Wrestling, where Foley’s name would become recognized as a cult icon. Performing in front of smaller crowds, Foley put his body and soul to the limits. Many of Foley’s actions resulted in severe bruises and broken bones, but his legacy for never quitting, continuing to press toward his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar.

In 1996, he finally made it. Mick Foley was now with World Wrestling Entertainment. His performances in various matches are remembered by all who saw them either live or on television. Who can forget the unbelievable sight of Foley being thrown off the top of a cell and crash through an announcing table in a Hell in the Cell Match at the 1998 King of the Ring pay-per-view event? Later on, he formed The Rock N Sock Connection, one of the most popular tag teams in WWE history with The Rock. They went on to win the World Tag Team Championship three times. Individually, he captured the WWE Championship three times, once in ’98, and twice in ’99. His stamina to perform day after day garnered the attention and loyalty of millions of fans worldwide.

Foley's legacy also uniquely involves three distinct identities. The "Three Faces of Foley" are the dysfunctional and masked Mankind; the hippest cat in the land, Dude Love; and the hardcore Cactus Jack. Each elevated Foley's success and reputation.

In addition, Foley has become a successful author. His 1999 autobiography, "Have A Nice Day" — written in longhand on 760 pages of notebook paper during a European tour — reached No. 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List. In 2000 and 2001, Foley wrote two children’s holiday books, titled "Christmas Chaos" and "Halloween Hijinx." Mick wrote a follow-up to "Have a Nice Day," entitled "Foley is Good." Later, Foley wrote his first fictional novel, "Tietam Brown," and another children's book entitled "Tales from Wrescal Lane." Foley's newest offering is "Scooter," telling the fictional tale of a young man growing up in the Bronx, NY in the 1960s.

His heart is just as big outside the ring, as Mick Foley has participated in numerous Make-A-Wish Foundation events as well as surprise visits to children in hospitals. Foley has also visited schools and libraries, talking to students about the necessity of education and the importance of reading in and out of the classroom. Foley has also traveled to various military bases and military hospitals to visit U.S. troops, boosting morale and giving get-well wishes to soldiers.

Mick Foley is known as the "Hardcore Legend." And at WrestleMania 22, he reminded everyone why.

When Edge lost the WWE Championship to John Cena, the "Rated-R Superstar" blamed Foley and challenged him to a match on the grandest stage of them all. Edge added that if Mick didn't respond immediately, he'd pay a visit to the Foley Family on Long Island and demand an answer.

Foley did give his reply on RAW, but he turned down Edge's offer for a "wrestling match" at WrestleMania. Instead, Foley challenged Edge to a Hardcore Match at WrestleMania. Edge later accepted by battering Foley with a steel chair, setting the stage for a furious encounter at WrestleMania 22.

There, Foley and Edge battled in a bloody, brutal match that ended when Edge speared Foley through a flaming table. It was a WrestleMania match (and moment) that will be long remembered.
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