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Give the bodacious loudmouth Mr. Kennedy credit: He sure knows how to make an entrance. And he sure as hell won’t let anyone outtalk him – ask any poor soul who has been on the receiving end of a verbal drubbing by the Green Bay, Wis., native since he burst onto the WWE scene in 2005.

No one else in WWE, before or since, has made his own ring introductions. Hell, if no one else can do it right, you might as well do it yourself. But with Mr. Kennedy, there’s always been the impression that he likes to hear himself talk … loudly.

Still, Kennedy is more than just talk – he knows how to dish it out in the ring. He can talk smack and give it back at the same time. Kennedy has billed himself as “the future of sports-entertainment” and “future of WWE.”

Those are quite bold statements, but Kennedy’s record speaks for itself. The laundry list of former World Champions and future Hall of Famers he has defeated reads like a Who’s Who of the elite in WWE. Kane, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Batista and Shawn Michaels, among others, have all tasted defeat at the hands of Mr. Kennedy. Though he has held the United States Championship and is a former Mr. Money in the Bank winner, Kennedy will not be content until he is a World Champion. Only then will he shut up … then again, maybe not.

So what fuels Mr. Kennedy’s desire? Maybe it is his huge ego; maybe it’s greed. Maybe it’s his memories of growing up in the frozen tundra of Green Bay, watching legends such as Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and later, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. His toughness was forged by a stint in the U.S. Army and battling before hundreds – not thousands, hundreds – of onlookers in dirty rings while on the independent wrestling circuit before hitting the big time in WWE. If nothing else, Mr. Kennedy is a survivor who is living his dream.

Recently, Mr. Kennedy has made quite a splash on Raw, going up against the best the brand has to offer, even beating former General Manager William Regal in a Loser Gets Fired Match. But don’t bother applauding him; Kennedy doesn’t want your cheers. He doesn’t care about your respect. He just wants you to remember his name – the name of a future World Champion. That name is Mrrrrr. Kenneddyyyy …. Kennedy!

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