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Jillian Faye Fletcher, (born September 6, 1980), is an American professional wrestler who currently performs for World Wrestling Entertainment on its RAW brand under the ring name Jillian Hall, or simply Jillian.


Early Years

Debuting in 1998, Fletcher wrestled under the ring name The Bombshell Macaela Mercedes on the independent circuit. Because of this early ring name, both "Macaela Mercedes" and "Jillian Mercedes" have been incorrectly listed as her real names.

Ohio Valley Wrestling

In the spring of 2003, Fletcher began working for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) under the name Jillian Hall. She eventually signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2004. She started out in OVW as a face, until she turned heel after getting breast implants and straightening and bleaching her hair blonde. The heel turn was motivated in an angle where her implants "leaked into her brain", causing her to become psychotic. As a heel, she managed the OVW Southern Tag Team Champion Blonde Bombers (Tank and Chad Toland) alongside her bodyguard Melissa Coates and went on a spree of (kayfabe) blinding people with rubbing alcohol.

World Wrestling Entertainment


Jillian Hall made her World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) debut on the July 28, 2005 episode of SmackDown! with a gimmick of a "fixer" for the heel stable MNM. She also had a "growth" on the left side of her face, which she referred to as a "blemish", that announcers constantly speculated on the nature of. The gimmick carried over to OVW, where the Blonde Bombers forced her to choose between them and MNM. She eventually chose MNM, but did not stay with that group for very long. Her first feud on SmackDown! was against Stacy Keibler, with the two confronting each other many times until Hall cheated to defeat Keibler in a match on Velocity.

Hall was later approached by JBL, a former WWE Champion who asked for help repairing his image after a loss to underdog Rey Mysterio . As JBL's "Image Consultant", she had an important role in JBL's feud with The Boogeyman, which included her having a hand full of worms shoved up her skirt and her mole being bitten off by the monster. In March, Hall briefly feuded with Kristal, losing to the rookie in a "Divas Uncovered" match on March 10. She also successfully guided JBL to winning the United States Championship from Chris Benoit at WrestleMania 22.

That April, he fired her after Hall accidentally slammed a cage door on JBL's head during a steel cage match and put together a "second-rate" United States championship celebration. After being fired, she turned face and began a feud with former client Melina of MNM. She defeated her in a six man tag team match along with Paul London and Brian Kendrick and in singles competition at Judgment Day 2006 in a controversial fashion.

For the rest of the summer, she teamed with Ashley Massaro in a feud against Michelle McCool and Kristal Marshall. She would participate in a Bra and Panties match at The Great American Bash which was won by Ashley; afterwards, she was not utilized on television much.

She returned in February of 2007 as a heel and began a new feud with Massaro centered around Hall's jealousy of Massaro's recent Playboy appearance. During the feud, Hall attempted to prove that she was talented in areas beyond wrestling and being eye candy by singing (poorly) at every opportunity. She later attempted to impress music producer Timbaland with her singing, looking for a spot in a video he was preparing and a possible future collaboration on a music project, but he turned her down. There is also controversy that her bad singing gimmick was created to be a parody of Brooke Hogan, as some wrestling magazines have proclaimed as well.

Ashley, with whom she had been feuding, was one of the Divas who was chosen to work with Timbaland instead. Jealous of Ashley's recent successes, she (kayfabe) attacked and seriously injured Ashley, with the reasoning that if she couldn't appear in Timbaland's music project, neither would Massaro. Following this incident, she would have a short feud with Michelle McCool, who came to Ashley's aid.

Jillian works on the crowd during a Raw house show.
Jillian works on the crowd during a Raw house show.

Jillian was drafted from SmackDown! to RAW on June 17, 2007 as part of the 2007 Supplemental Draft. The following night, Jillian won her RAW debut where she teamed with Melina to defeat Mickie James and Candice Michelle in a tag team match. From then on, Jillian mainly competed on HEAT against James. She recently resumed her singing gimmick, entering into a feud with ring announcer Lilian Garcia stemming from her jealousy of Lilian's flourishing singing career.

It has been announced that a Jillian Hall action figure will be released by Jakks Pacific through its WWE series, Ruthless Aggression. The figure's attire will be of the picture on the right; Jillian has stated her excitement about this on her MySpace.

On the November 19, 2007 edition of RAW, Hall executed a 450° Splash, a move allegedly banned in WWE and not seen on WWE TV for quite some time. Hall failed to land on her opponent when she rolled away in time, and hit tag team partner Melina instead.

On RAW's 15th Anniversary show, Hall wanted to sing a song from her album, but a returning Trish Stratus cut her off. As Stratus was talking about being part of the show, Hall told her that she (Trish) was the biggest ego in WWE History. This brought out Lita, a long time rival of Stratus. Hall attempted to encourage Lita to attack Stratus, however both returning diva's attacked Hall.


Jillian Hall released her first album A Jingle with Jillian on the December 11th, 2007 on iTunes nationwide. The album features five traditional Christmas songs covered by Jillian (in character). The album itself reached number 20 in the UK Holidays Top 100 shortly after its release.
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